Team | 20 May 2022

Wouter Jonk

Wouter Jonk is a Managing Partner and co-founded SET Ventures in 2007. He has 25 years of experience in energy and cleantech venture capital combined with experience in business creation, innovation, and M&A. He is convinced that investing for environmental impact and financial return is a perfect combination. Previously, Wouter spent 10 years at Philips, at the M&A group, as CFO of an incubator, but predominantly at the corporate venturing team in Silicon Valley and Europe. Before that, he worked at PwC Corporate Finance and at two technology venture capital firms. Besides his investment responsibilities, he oversees the financial and legal affairs of SET Ventures. Wouter holds an MSc Degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technical University Twente. He serves as a board member at Energyworx, EnOcean and Hydrogrid and formerly on the board of GreenCom Networks (acquired) and Luxexcel (acquired).