4energy engineering are very pleased to announce the release into production of SMARTset v2.2.1.

157 improvements and features with the most notable being;

  • Alarms: Huge improvements in performance when dealing with thousands of alarms, sort by comments, multi-edit
  • Optimisation: Refactor of the code base to simplify and now supports designing and uploading new models from the browser
  • Widgets: Many improvements to the look and feel, particularly for the graphs
  • Monitoring: Support for SNMP v2c in the MIB browser, built-in Google analytics
  • Administration: Improved discovery for MCUs and BACnet devices, German version
  • Nlyte: SMARTset is now the officially released monitoring & alarms module built into the Nlyte product
  • Documentation: Huge uplift in available content with 100% coverage of Installation, User and  Alarms & Controls Guides
  • Mobile Edition: Phone and tablet responsive version – Beta

You can see a full list of the changes in the release notes here.