MicoShade is a Danish company that specialises in developing and marketing advanced, transparent solar shading. Its MicroShade™ product creates a comfortable working environment while at the same time reducing energy consumption for cooling and ventilation in modern buildings with large glass façades, using aesthetic and maintenance-free solar shading. MicroShade was founded as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute.

Redefining Solar Shading

MicroShade™ is a breakthrough in solar shading that is integrated into façade glazing. The product is built into two- or three-layer glazing and comprises a very thin and transparent layer of micro lamellae adapted to the movement of the sun. Sunlight from low angles (early morning and late in the evening) passes relatively unimpeded between the micro lamellae, while light from higher angles (when the heat from the sun has the most impact) is blocked. Easy and simple but genius, MicroShade™ allows an unrestricted view to the outside all year round. MicroShade™ replaces traditional solutions such as exterior shading, solar control glass and solar protection films applied to the glazing. The benefits include:

  • Excellent indoor climate
  • Effective shading of direct solar beams
  • Reduced need for air conditioning and ventilation
  • Easy to install; suitable for retrofit and new build
  • No costly maintenance, so low cost of ownership
  • Aesthetically pleasing solution
  • Unrestricted view
  • 100% natural daylight
  • Resistant to wind & temperature

MicroShade is selling its products using a value based approach.

A clear IRR can be shown for MicroShade, using this building owners are targeted directly, thus making sales far easier that traditional commodity sales approach.


MicroShade News

MicroShade introduces new solar shading solution

The Danish solar shading manufacturer now launches a new and ground-breaking product which will redefine the perception, use and function of solar shading in buildings. Ever since MicroShade was founded as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute, the...

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MicroShade receives international SME Star award

On Wednesday 17 October 2018, MicroShade received the SME Star International Award in the category for companies having achieved growth not only within Europe but also globally. At the award ceremony, Member of the European Parliament for Romania, Iuliu Winkler,...

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Day light and excellent indoor climate in glass-covered atrium

Creating an excellent indoor climate under the double curvature glass roof suited to the head office of the Confederation of Danish Industry employers’ body was a major challenge. Thanks to MicroShade’s solar shading built into the glazing, it is possible to keep...

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MicroShade featured in Danish magazine

December 2012 - PhotoSolar's product MicroShade featured in HVAC Magasinet (Danish magazine) The Danish HVAC Magazine for climate and energy technology features an article on the installation of MicroShade at the new headquarter of Danish Confederation of Industry in...

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LEAF Review : MicroShade by PhotoSolar

September 2012 - Feature LEAF Review of MicroShade by PhotoSolar The LEAF Review, a magazine for Leading European Architects, features a company insight of integrated solar shading MicroShade by PhotoSolar. This is a modern solar shading system integrated inside...

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MicroShade sells a unique optically transparent solar shading solution which creates a comfortable working environment, reduces energy consumption and is completely maintenance-free

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