FlexiDAO is a software provider in the energy sector founded in 2017 and was created to accelerate the transition towards a decarbonised and decentralised energy industry, leveraging on blockchain applications. Its mission is to effectively coordinate millions of distributed energy resources on the grid. FlexiDAO offers utilities white-label blockchain applications on top of a middleware platform that can access any blockchain infrastructure in an enterprise-grade, secure way. Since its foundation, FlexiDAO has positioned itself rapidly as one of the commercially leading European blockchain startups in the energy space.

The company is backed by SET Ventures, accelerators KIC InnoEnergy and Rockstart, and is an affiliate member of the Energy Web Foundation. Born in Spain, FlexiDAO is now headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and maintains its office in Barcelona.


News on FlexiDAO

Hardware Is Not Enough to Enable the Energy System Transition

Observations from a VC investor focused on the European energy sector By Julia Padberg, Principal, SET Ventures "The biggest challenge of the energy system transition lies in the orchestration, integration, and management of enormous volumes of decentralized and...

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