Epyon, based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, develops, markets and sells battery-charging products and services for optimized fast charging of electric vehicle batteries, serving customers across Europe with its unique solutions. Together with local installation partners Epyon offers maximum value to customers in the ultrafast charging infrastructure, fleet and industrial electric vehicle markets.

European leader in EV fast charging

Epyon offers total solutions for AC and DC electric vehicle fast charging consisting of web-connected charging infrastructure systems and software service interfaces. These interfaces can be used by the customer and partners to develop its own services on top of the infrastructure, such as billing and payment, smart grid, site management, advertisement and customer specific interactions.

Unique proposition

Epyon’s proposition is based on a rare combination of fundamental expertise and intellectual property in electric vehicle battery charging under dynamic conditions, power systems design and software/web-based control and service-management systems. This combination enables Epyon to offer charging products and related services that dynamically optimize the flow of locally available grid power to an arbitrary combination of EV batteries under charge; this dynamic optimization being referred to as Power-Routing™.

Epyon has over 5 years fast-charging experience in the field of industrial, fleet and infrastructure market. Over the last years, fast-charge systems have been supplied to large corporations, governments and utilities in Europe. Epyon owns patents and a database on fast-charge performance of lithium-ion batteries containing over 1 billion test results collected over the past several years.

Epyon provides the fundamental knowledge needed to effectively implement safe and fast charging while maintaining the lifetime of the battery.


Due to its unique technology and the competitive tension and growth in the EV charging market Epyon was acquired, by ABB, in 2011.


Epyon News

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Epyon (now part of ABB) develops, markets and sells products and services for optimized fast charging of electric vehicle

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