Luxexcel announces that it has started preparations for the succession of its present Chief Executive Officer Hans Streng.

This announcement follows the personal decision of Hans Streng to retire from the company in 2018. Hans Streng has served the company since 2015 and led the company through a phase of transition and repositioned the company for the ophthalmic market. Birgitte van Haaren, Chairman Luxexcel Supervisory Board: “Hans has been instrumental for the current Luxexcel success by building a strong team and setting the company on the right path for the future. Major milestones are achieving ophthalmic quality lenses and the installation of the first VisionPlatform™ for 3D printed ophthalmic lenses. The Luxexcel board fully respects Hans decision to enjoy more time with his family and we would like to thank Hans for preparing the company for future success”.

The search process for the CEO succession has recently started and is expected to be completed before the close of the year 2018. Birgitte van Haaren, Chairman of the Luxexcel Supervisory Board: “Luxexcel has a strong foundation, both operationally and financially and is prepared for global expansion in the ophthalmic market and the emerging smart glasses market. Our Board has launched a focused search to identify the best candidate to lead the expansion. We are grateful for Hans’ ongoing support during the completion of the succession process”.

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About Luxexcel

Luxexcel is the only company in the world with technology that can 3D print ophthalmic lenses. The company started in 2009 and has optimized its 3D print technology for the ophthalmic market. The unique and highly accurate technology allows manufacturing lenses without the need for polishing. Key benefits of the technology are the ability to eliminate operational inefficiencies and the creation of new and perfectly customized products.