Hans Mart Groen

As member of the IAB for SET Ventures Hans Mart brings his deep knowledge and experience of the energy sector to investment opportunities and portfolio companies. Hans started his professional career at E.H. Wachs Co in Chicago in 1985. From 1992 untill 1999 he held various commercial positions and international assignments (USA) for Fluor Daniel Inc. He operated, over the last 15 years, in general management, commercial and operational-profit & loss- and end-responsible functions primarily in the area of (sustainable) energy. In 2000 as a Managing Director of Enron Direct B.V. & Enron Energy Services B.V. Hans Mart established the Amsterdam based office from scratch and grew the business to a successful and cash-flow positive operating entity and introduced and originated outsourcing products as well as a commodity (Gas/Electricity) –green products- in the Dutch SME market. From 2002 until 2011 he operated in various functions at Nuon/Vatenfall starting as Managing Director of AWS (Archimedes Wave Swing) developing an innovative and unique way of producing sustainable energy out of Ocean swell. In 2003-2004 he led Renewable Energy Projects in the development of sustainable energy production (Wind, Solar, Biomass, and Hydro) From 2005-2008 he became Managing Director NUON Business and in 2008-2009 Managing Director Marketing & Sales Netherlands and contributed in the successful development of local and international B2C and B2B Energy (Gas and Electricity) markets and supporting strategies. As a CEO for Tri-O-Gen Group B.V. (provider of Organic Rankine Cycle –ORC- technology for waste heat to power solutions), Hans Mart was responsible for developing and implementing the sustainable growth strategy of the company including the establishment of a European distributor network. Hans Mart holds a number of non-executive director positions and advisory positions with companies in clean utilities and innovative lightning solutions and has a Master degree of Law from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.