Diederik Heyning

As a member of the IAB for SET Ventures Diederik brings specific expertise from the venture capital industry with his extensive international experience. In 1985 Diederik joined Gilde as General Partner when it was a Dutch fl 30M fund learning its way into the VC industry and he was instrumental in the development of Gilde’s activities into a number of focused funds managing over € 2B. He actively served on the board and Executive Committee of the Dutch Association of Venture Capital (NVP) and the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA). In his 19 years with Gilde, Diederik concluded over 30 deals, primarily in the ICT sector. Before that, he worked for 12 years for the General Electric Company in the Netherlands, England and France, as managing director of its large subsidiaries. He gained extensive experience in the manufacture and global distribution of industrial goods. He obtained his Baccalaureat in Mathematics in Paris, France and then completed his law studies at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He is an alumnus of the PMD program at Harvard Business School.