Creating an excellent indoor climate under the double curvature glass roof suited to the head office of the Confederation of Danish Industry employers’ body was a major challenge.

Thanks to MicroShade’s solar shading built into the glazing, it is possible to keep the atrium temperature under the required 26 °C, even on a hot summer’s day with lots of people around. The fine micro lamellas provide effective protection from the heats of the sun but allow natural light in.

The glass roof is divided into 13 glass panes at different angles to the sun. MicroShade lamellas at different angles to the sun ensure the effective solar screening while keeping the atrium uniform in appearance. Traditional solar screening fell short, only MicroShade was able to meet the requirements.

With MicroShade there are no maintenance costs at all because the solar shading is protected in the pane and has no moving mechanical parts.

The result is an impressive, beautiful roof. The contractor achieved with MicroShade the desired transparency and daylight that formed the architectural thinking throughout.Without compromising on indoor climate.