Sonnen (previously know as SonnenBatterie) is currently the world leader in residential storage. The company develops and sells an integrated Plug and Play system that includes energy storage (Li-ion batteries), a proprietary patented BMS (Battery Management System) and a third party inverter and software to upgrade/control/monitor the system.

The sonnenBatterie system can connect to any decentralized renewable energy source but more importantly it can be remotely updated to include additional functionality including making the system compatible with Demand Response activities. The system is also capable of; optimising self consumption, power backup and grid independency.

Sonnen was founded in 2010 by Christoph Ostermann and Torsten Stiefenhofer. The first sonnenBatterie systems were tested in 2010 under real world conditions. Once the fine-tuning had been completed, the systems were introduced to the German and Austrian markets in 2011. Sonnen is a pioneer in what is now a rapidly growing storage market.

One of the reasons for Sonnen strong growth is its sales strategy. The company sells worldwide through local partners named Sonnenbatterie Centres. The operators of sonnenBatterie Centres (SBC) are established specialist companies in the SME sector with outstanding reputations for expertise, quality and service in their regions. SonnenBatterie Centres act as information centres. Along with private and commercial customers, specialist firms and installers in the region obtain comprehensive and detailed information about sonnenBatterie systems and see them live in the showroom of every sonnenBatterie Centre. Along with expert advice, the regional sonnenBatterie Centres provide full installation services and on-site support to the customer.

Sonnen is expanding into the US and expects continued strong growth in existing markets and new geographies in the coming years.

Sonnen News

Sonnen wins world-renowned Zayed Future Energy Prize

Wildpoldsried, 16 January 2017 - sonnen won the Zayed Future Energy Prize, one of the highest remunerated prizes for special innovations in the energy sector. sonnen CEO Christoph Ostermann accepted the $1.5M prize at the opening of the World Future Energy Summit in...

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