Sold to existing investors (Q2 2012)

O-Flexx Technologies, based in Duisburg, Germany, develops innovative thermoelectric solutions to generate electricity from waste heat. The company is planning to offer both significant efficiency improvements and attractive production cost savings when compared with conventional thermoelectric devices.

Converting Waste Heat into Electricity

With the predicted improved efficiency and attractive manufacturing costs, O-flexx’s thermoelectric devices would enable the harvesting of energy from many different heat sources, where electricity generation was not a viable option before. Applications are manifold, for example in combined heat-and-power generators, industrial waste heat, cars and trucks.

O-Flexx Technologies develops and manufactures its thermoelectric modules on the basis of its unrivalled, proprietary technology. To this end, O-Flexx has established a broad portfolio of basic patents, an in-depth understanding of process technology and a network of R&D partnerships among industry, research institutes and academia.

O-Flexx News

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