NGenTec was incorporated in 2009 in Edinburgh, as a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, UK. The company has developed generator technology that will bring down the cost of offshore wind energy through reducing generator weight, minimizing the possibility of failure, and increasing wind turbine uptime.

NGenTec has created an elegant and simple mechanical solution that is up to 50% lighter compared to existing direct-drive generators, while preserving all advantages of direct drive technology for offshore wind turbines.  This low weight translates fully into lower costs for initial construction and lower costs for on-going operations and maintenance of offshore direct drive wind turbines.

NGenTec has designed a range of axial-flux air-cored permanent magnet generators for direct drive, slow and medium speed applications for onshore and offshore wind turbines. Their novel design is based on axial-flux permanent magnet generator technology. The machine is modular and air cored, providing significant performance advantages to wind turbine manufacturers.

In cooperation with an industrial partner the company built a 1MW prototype and has designed a multi MW (stacked) generator for use in (offshore) wind turbines. Since trials commenced in February 2012, NGenTec has conducted more than 200 hours of testing and demonstrated many of the unique selling points of NGenTec’s generators, including: performance characteristics, inherent redundancy, reduced through life maintenance costs, significantly reduced assembly time, elimination of powerful magnetic forces between rotor and stator and ease of high quality manufacture.

In mid-2013 NgenTec was transformed into an IP and technology development company. Once the market for wind turbine OEMs and the funding market improve the company will be scaled up again.

NGenTec News


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