April 2014 – EnOcean’s unpowered switch Philips Hue – Featured in All LED Lighting by Keith Dawson – 3D-printed Hue Luminaires, and other new gear.

Philips announced three additions to the expanding Hue universe of app-controlled, color-tunable lighting: high-priced designer luminaires, a cheaper white-only Hue, and an unpowered switch Hue Tap, which is a standalone switch for Hue. It is unpowered. Tapping the button provides enough energy, converted into electrical form, to send a quick blast out on ZigBee frequencies. The technology behind the Tap is, I presume, sourced from EnOcean. The company is the reigning king of energy harvesting in the smart-home arena. We met EnOcean in January in connection with NXP’s use of its technology, along with near-field communications, to simplify setup of a home network.


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