Wildpoldsried, 1 February 2018 – Austria’s planned additional funding for electricity storage systems has already resulted in a major increase in the demand for the sonnenBatterie within the first few weeks of the new year. Last year, sonnen was able to double its turnover in the Austrian market. sonnen, the world’s leading manufacturer of energy storage systems and operator of the largest power sharing platform, has been active on the Austrian market with the sonnenBatterie since 2011.

The funding in Austria offers a subsidy of EUR 500 per kWh of storage capacity. The maximum subsidy amount is 45% of the investment costs.

‘An increasing number of people are excited by the idea of producing their own – environmentally friendly – electricity. The funding for storage batteries in Austria, starting in 2018, is a great idea and further contributes to the economic viability of private, self-sufficient energy production,’ says Philipp Schröder, Sales and Marketing Director at sonnen. ‘As a Bavarian manufacturer, we have a lot of ties with Austria, where we also have a fast-growing network of regional installers.’

sonnen has been working with a large number of regional installers, some of them for many years, who carry out the local installation of sonnenBatteries across Austria. Battery owners have the advantage of a local company and a direct contact for their sonnenBatterie in their own region. The number of sonnen’s partner installers in Austria has more than quadrupled since 2016.

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent, high-tech solar energy storage battery for a private, clean electricity supply. A sonnenBatterie can provide the average household with around 75% of its yearly electricity needs. The lithium iron phosphate cells used by sonnen are especially safe and durable. sonnen guarantees at least 10,000 charging cycles.

About sonnen

The sonnen group is the worldwide market leader for energy storage and operator of the largest energy sharing platform. As one of the fastest growing companies in Germany and Europe, sonnen has received numerous international awards for its technology. In a ranking of the “Top 50 Smartest Companies 2016” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), sonnen was listed alongside Amazon, Facebook and Tesla. Investors in the Bavarian company include the US technology corporation General Electric. sonnen already supplies over 100,000 people globally with energy. The sonnenCommunity is an online network based on the blockchain idea for sharing self-generated energy.