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Sustainability Electrification Digitalisation

Consumers and businesses are increasingly aware and focused on reducing in their environmental impact with a move to sustainability Moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable forms of energy will result in the mass electrification of many sectors Changes to our current energy system are enabled by digital technologies and fuelled by new business models

Smart Energy System Solutions

Our Investment Priority is on Smart Energy System Solutions: business cases involving intelligent software and/or services, combined with hardware components, impacting the future energy system We classify these investment opportunities as Smart Energy System Solutions This integration between Generation, Use, Storage and Transmission is being facilitated by the digitalisation of the energy industry

The energy system is transitioning from a traditional system consisting of

  • a series of large controllable power plants
  • simple (dumb) energy users
  • an over engineered distribution network

To a hybrid energy system with

  • millions of smaller generators
  • flexible, controllable energy use
  • a constrained energy network

Sustainability Digitalisation Electrification

The increased digitalisation and electrification in many sectors is creating opportunities for those not previously perceived as active participants in the energy system These changes create new business models and investment opportunities in:

  • Transport and Mobility
  • Built environment
  • Industrial energy management
  • Distributed energy
  • Prosumerisim – community movements
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Existing utilities and disruptors from other sectors looking for innovative offerings create great investment and exit possibilities

Sustainable Development Goals

The drive towards sustainability has been embraced worldwide, with the UN setting the global agenda with their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

SET and the SDG

SET Ventures, with its focus on the global energy system transition, by its nature drives towards impacting the SDG goals 7 and 9 – creating a new energy system allowing renewable energy integration and energy efficiency plus enabling a flexible resilient energy infrastructure through innovation and sustainable industrialisation


Next to financial performance targets we define impact targets for each of our investments. This way we signal that financial return and environmental impact are equally important and both measurable. At SET Ventures we engage in this matter because we believe in the need to change the way we create value for the generations to come.

Tonnes of CO2 Avioded

MWh of Green Energy Delivered

Green Jobs Created

At SET Ventures we ultimately invest in People “We support founders and CEOs who can create the energy companies of tomorrow”

Marcel Smit CEO Energyworx

The SET Ventures team makes a big difference for us in multiple ways.They really understand the industry and share contacts and relevant insight. They're very pro-active. No matter how busy they are, they'll always make time to meet when we have topics to discuss. For us, SET is more than 'just a VC'; they're a real partner.

Christoph Ostermann CEO Sonnen

SET Ventures was a highly supportive and value adding partner for sonnen’s growth. Especially their always constructive attitude in both criticism and advise was much appreciated.

Michael De Vivo CEO Depsys

I am very proud that SET Ventures has joined the DEPsys family. What a scale-up company needs from its investors is passion, growth culture and human support. SET Ventures is one of those rare investors who brings a strong expertise while placing the team at the centre of their project.

Our Portfolio Companies are Changing the Energy System

We invest in teams that see how to improve the energy system. Our portfolio is full of visionaries and pioneers.

Meet Our Team

We’re here to help LPs gain market access and insight into the energy system transition. Get to know us.
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