GreenCom is a software company, offering white-label solutions for energy retailers and energy device manufacturers for Distributed Energy Resources Management. Its platform enables the connection and monitoring of energy devices and optimisation of energy demand, energy supply and energy storage through data from distributed energy devices in (and around) homes. Energy devices that the GreenCom platform can handle include amongst others: batteries, heat pumps, electrically heated boilers, electrical vehicles and solar PV installations. GreenCom’s use cases include maximising autarky levels (self-consumption) for homes with solar PV, a battery (and heat pump), a standardized ‘community sharing of energy’ solution and enabling flat rates for energy retailers through the use of VPP’s.

Backed by Munich Venture Partners and SET Ventures, GreenCom is a privately held global company with offices in Munich, Germany and Sophia-Antipolis, France.

GreenCom News

GreenCom Networks: consumers in control

Dr. Christian Feisst is a visionary who thinks that to stop innovation to save money is like stopping the clock to save time. Some years ago, Feisst observed market trends and realised two things: Firstly, people want to be in control; second, digital media offers...

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Macdoch Group leads fundraising round in GreenCom Networks

GreenCom Networks has secured a funding round led by London and Sydney-based the Macdoch Group, with a participation from existing shareholders Munich Venture Partners and SET Ventures. The funds will be used to further strengthen GreenCom’s position as an Energy...

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SET Ventures invests in GreenCom

Residential Distributed Energy Resource Management platform for energy retailers and energy device OEMs; the investment will be used to accelerate international roll-out GreenCom Networks AG (“GreenCom”) received funding from SET Ventures (“SET”) as the lead investor,...

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