By Ray Molony · LUX

Gooee in tech deal with EnOcean

Gooee, the IoT platform provider for lighting, has partnered with EnOcean, the specialist in energy harvesting wireless technology, to integrate Bluetooth based self-powered wall switch modules into the Bluetooth Smart Mesh stack, the primary communication protocol in Gooee’s platform for lighting.

The collaboration will result in the first EnOcean-powered wall switch device integrated into the new Bluetooth Smart Mesh protocol, the next evolution of the low power communication protocol that becomes available at the end of 2016.

With Gooee adopting Bluetooth Smart Mesh as its principal on-premise networking protocol, the integration of a wall-switch further enhances the full-stack offering to Lighting and Switch Manufacturers and provides a maintenance-free control solution that delivers versatility and simplicity in its installation.

This joint project follows the recent announcements of other Gooee technology partnerships: from bringing the first Bluetooth Smart Mesh to Lighting and the Internet of Things; tobuilding the world’s smallest ASIC sensor for Lighting applications.

‘A physical control solution has been a requirement we knew Gooee had to address, and we wanted to offer a simple, energy-efficient, reliable solution to our customers’, said Simon Coombes, Gooee’s tech chief.

‘By integrating EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless technology not only do we become the first to bring self-powered devices into the Bluetooth Smart Mesh but we eliminate a lot of the headaches in integrating physical switches into a wireless control solution and give end-users a great experience.

‘We are extremely excited by this partnership, and EnOcean shares our vision for interoperability in the connected world,’ Coombes added. ‘Technology companies need to collaborate and work together rather than building proprietary solutions where the end-user ultimately suffers.’