General Fusion, based in Burnaby, Canada, is developing fusion technology to generate cheap, safe and plentiful energy without greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, or radioactive waste.

Magnetic Target Fusion

General Fusion’s approach is based on “magnetized target fusion” concepts first developed about 30 years ago. This approach is a hybrid of traditional “magnetic fusion” and “inertial confinement fusion”. In MTF, a compact toroid, or donut-shaped magnetized plasma, is compressed mechanically by an imploding conductive shell, heating the plasma to fusion conditions. MTF’s advantages stem from its hybrid nature. MTF uses some magnetic field to confine the plasma, allowing for slower compression using mechanical systems. Magnetic fields in MTF are short-lived, avoiding complex plasma sustainment technologies.

General Fusion’s patent-pending fusion technology involves the equipment needed to contain and compress the plasma, and the systems needed to manage the process.

Nuclear fusion is a process in which hydrogen atoms are fused together to form helium. This reaction releases significant amounts of heat, which can be used to generate electricity using traditional steam turbines. The necessary isotopes of hydrogen can be extracted from seawater and derived from lithium, resulting in a ubiquitous source of fuel and providing a nearly endless supply of clean energy.

General Fusion is a Canadian venture capital-backed company led by a team of experienced physicists and technology development experts. General Fusion works with government, institutional and industrial partners and consultants to develop a full-scale proof-of-concept fusion generator to demonstrate a system net gain – something that traditional approaches have yet to achieve.

Nuclear fusion power plants produce electricity without incurring the dangers associated with nuclear fission.

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