Wildpoldsried, October 27, 2017 – sonnen is introducing a new electricity tariff specially designed for owners of existing photovoltaic systems who don’t yet own a storage battery. With sonnenStrom solar, you can become a member of the sonnenCommunity and therefore buy electricity from other members at prices starting at 23 cents/kWh. Membership of the new tariff is free for the first 12 months, after which it costs
EUR 9.99/month. As a result, households can already achieve a considerable reduction in their electricity costs during the first year.

One especially attractive feature of the new electricity tariff is that it includes a free smart meter. What’s more, sonnen will also pay the costs for the operation of the metering point.

This puts PV system owners one step ahead of a new law that, since January 2017, has allowed metering point operators to install a smart metering system in PV systems of 7 kWp or above. For this, they are permitted to charge fees of up to EUR 100 a year. As the smart meters provided by sonnen are protected by a grandfather clause for a period of eight years, PV system owners can enjoy additional savings of up to EUR 800.

‘Our sonnenCommunity is growing rapidly and we want to expand it further.  With sonnenStrom solar, the economic benefits of the sonnenCommunity are now also open to people who are already producing clean energy but don’t yet have a storage battery,’ says
Philipp Schröder, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at sonnen.

However, the new electricity tariff is also an attractive option for owners of smaller PV systems. From 2018 onwards, smaller systems can by law also be fitted with smart meters, for which operators are permitted to charge an annual fee of EUR 60.

sonnen already offers numerous tariffs within the sonnenCommunity. In addition to the basic tariff, these include sonnenFlat and sonnenFlat city, in which members of the sonnenCommunity receive electricity for free. 

About sonnen

The sonnen Group is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany. In a ranking of the “Top 50 Smartest Companies 2016” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), sonnen was listed alongside Amazon, Facebook and Tesla. Investors in the Bavarian company include the US technology corporation General Electric. sonnen already supplies over 100,000 people globally with energy.  The sonnenCommunity is an online network based on the blockchain idea for sharing self-generated power. 

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