European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

European Smart Energy Venture Capital

At SET Ventures we help entrepreneurs build companies that impact the future of energy.

We leverage our experience and network to actively grow companies to generate great returns.

Icon_EnergyGenerationW   About us

SET Ventures manages venture capital funds targeting the Energy Sector. We invest in European early growth-stage companies that can impact the future of the energy markets worldwide. SET Ventures invests up to €6M per portfolio company and we have proven to be able to pick the future winners in the sector by value chain investing and finding the highest growth opportunities.

Energy Use

Novel smart energy monitoring and control of stationary and mobile energy efficiency technologies (e.g. smart cities, industrial processes, smart buildings, optimal energy use and EVs)

Distribution and Storage

Innovative energy storage related business models to build the smart energy grid of the future (e.g. power infrastructure, demand response solutions, and advanced storage solutions)


Ground-breaking new business models utilising new technologies and connectivity, enabling smart economical renewable energy generation (e.g. distributed generation, generation optimisation, solar, wind and CHP)

Smart Energy

At SET Ventures while our scope is energy related companies, our investment Priority is Smart Energy.

SET Ventures defines the crossover between ICT and Energy as “Smart Energy”: new innovative start-ups and business models involving intelligent software and/or services, combined with or without hardware components, impacting the future of energy.


Value Chain Investing Benefits


Fast Growth

Portfolio companies can grow faster as there will be strong demand to solve the bottleneck or issue in the value chain

High Margins

The portfolio company can secure higher margins as products or services are in demand

Better Exits

Exit paths are created when companies occupy a key position in the value chain, creating opportunities for potential acquirers to integrate up- or downstream Or with market share and increased margin potential exits by an IPO

At SET Ventures we ultimately invest in people

“We support founders and CEOs who can create the energy companies of tomorrow”


You have been an amazing investor and the support you have shown and your help is much appreciated.

Mary Turner

CEO, AlertMe


You are everything you would expect from an insight-based investor: support when support is due, scrutiny when scrutiny is due, professional friendship when celebration is due. A true team player VC unlike any other I have experienced.

Hans Streng

CEO, Epyon


… adding value by striking the right balance between challenging and inspiring the team while leaving execution responsibility clearly with management.

Wald Siskens

CEO, EnOcean

Our Portfolio

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4energy is a leading provider of low energy cooling products & intelligent energy management solutions for small technical rooms through to large Data Centers. 4 Energy also provides building energy management solutions to SMEs

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AlertMe (now part of British Gas) provides a scalable, resilient, interoperable and open platform to connect an ecosystem of devices and appliances in the home

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EnOcean creates self-powered wireless technology based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low-power electronic circuitry and reliable wireless communication

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Epyon (now part of ABB) develops, markets and sells products and services for optimized fast charging of electric vehicle

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General Fusion is designing a fusion reactor based on the Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) concept to generate cheap, safe and plentiful energy

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LUXeXceL gfenerates 3D printed optics and optically smooth objects

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MicroShade sells a unique optically transparent solar shading solution which creates a comfortable working environment, reduces energy consumption and is completely maintenance-free

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NGenTec develops air cooled modular generators for wind and tidal turbines

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O-flexx develops innovative thermoelectric solutions to generate electricity from waste heat

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Sefaira creates sustainable building design software for architects and engineers

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Sonnen is the world leader om home energy storage, utilising Lithium ion batteries and intelligent control.

Meet The Team


Neelie Kroes opent Venture Capital Desk op High Tech Campus

Eindhoven, 10 mei 2016 – BOM  Neelie Kroes, Special Envoy van Startup Delta, heeft vandaag de officiële opening verricht van de Venture Capital Desk op de High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Met de VC Desk krijgen innovatieve startups een centraal loket waar ze... read more

sonnen named a winner of 2016 Grid Edge Award for innovation

April 12, 2016 Kathie Zipp, Solar Power World The Grid Edge Awards represent the top twenty companies or projects that have a demonstrated potential to shape tomorrow’s distributed energy system. Greentech Media started the Grid Edge Awards in 2014 to identify... read more

Shell investeert in twee grote groene energiefondsen

Bert van Dijk  11-4-2016 FD Shell Technology Ventures (STV), de venture capital-arm van Shell, heeft in twee grote groene energietechnologiefondsen geïnvesteerd in China en Europa. Het gaat om het Chinese GRC SinoGreen Fund III en het in Amsterdam gevestigde SET... read more

Gooee in tech deal with EnOcean

By Ray Molony · LUX Gooee, the IoT platform provider for lighting, has partnered with EnOcean, the specialist in energy harvesting wireless technology, to integrate Bluetooth based self-powered wall switch modules into the Bluetooth Smart Mesh stack, the primary... read more


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